Cheap And Small Kegerator – Which One To Choose?

small cheap kegeratorsLet’s face it, with summer just around the corner, there is no better time to invest in a kegerator. What really is a kegerator though? It is merely a small refrigerator, that is designed to keep a keg of your favourite drink ice cold, and they also feature a tap for you to dispense your drink. The best part about this, is that you really don’t have to spend a lot to get a great appliance. Recently, there have been some great cheap and small kegerators that you might be worth your time and money.

Choosing a Cheap Kegerator – Top Picks of Affordable and Small Kegerators

I’ve selected a few models that I believe are really good when looking for a reliable cheap and small kegerator:

Vinotemp VT-Beer 5-Liter CO2-Powered Tabletop Beer Dispenser, Silver and Black

This is honestly one of the best devices currently available if you have a tight budget. Not only is it wonderfully cheap, but it is also a small kegerator. This means that you can enjoy a fresh pint, from the comfort of your own home – without having to spend a fortune on all the expensive pumps that bars use!

This particular appliance uses CO2 to power the dispensing mechanism, this is the exact same technology you’d find in your local bar, meaning that you will get the exact same experience at home. As it is a small kegerator, it can only hold kegs up to 5-Liters, however – for home use, you don’t need anything larger. If that isn’t enough to tempt you, then it also includes 3 CO2 cartridges to get you started!

The actual use of this machine is more important than its technical specifications, so how good is it? In all honesty, it is a great little machine. It features a spill tray that is removable, so it can be effortlessly cleaned without any hassle. Vinotemp have also included their signature thermo-electric technology in order to keep energy bills down low, and the beers up high!

Unfortunately, while this device may be excellent at first – over time it may become worse. Many of the regulators are made from plastic, so they’ll need replacing over time. This is because they are in a pressurized environment, and plastic is quite weak. Overall, it’s a great little device, it just needs the odd bit of maintenance every so often.

Best Features:

    • CO2 Powered
    • 5-Liter Capacity
    • 100% Digital Display

SPT BD-0538 Mini Kegerator & Dispenser, Stainless Steel

If you’re looking for a wonderful, cheap and cheerful solution to perfect beers all summer, then here is your solution. The SPT BD-0538, while being priced amazingly low, is a great cooler for beginners. It features a large 5-Liter capacity, as many home coolers do. It also utilizes CO2 in order to dispense the beer, and SPT include 3 cartridges to start you off.

best small kegerator The temperature is displayed to the user via a LED display, and you can adjust the temperature as required. This allows you to get your summer beers as perfect as possible, and tailor the kegerator in order to achieve this.

In terms of aesthetics, the SPT BD-0538 will look absolutely wonderful wherever you place it. Whether you decide to use it outside during your barbeques, or whether you decide to place it prominently in the kitchen, it will look perfect. This is due to the specially engineered stainless steel design, which allows for a modern, aesthetically pleasing design.

However, you may experience a lot of foaming from the SPT BD-0538 at first, this can easily be rectified by adjusting the CO2 settings. The adjustable temperature is incredibly accurate, and the SPT BD-0538 can cool a full keg in around eighteen hours, and keep it cold for around thirty days. All In all it is indeed a great cheap kegerator.

Best Features:

    • Accurate Temperature Gauge
    • Variety of CO2 Settings
    • Aesthetic Design

Koolatron Mini Beer Keg Cooler with Tap

The first thing you will notice about this beautiful piece of kit is its design, it really is absolutely stunning. Koolatron have adopted a traditional keg design for this keg cooler. In all honesty, this design works extremely well. While it may be subtle, this design will look great wherever you decide to place your keg cooler.

As with many coolers that are designed for home use, the Koolatron Mini Beer Cooler has also adopted the standard 5-liter mini keg capacity. This simply slots in to the cooler, and stays hidden during use. When you first use this cooler, you’ll be amazed at how quiet yet effective it really is, compared to other keg coolers. It does not run constantly either, the fans only operate until the keg has reached the desired temperature, and then the whole cooler only turns on to keep the keg at the desired temperature. This keeps energy usage low, and your beer cold!

Whether you are a fan of pressurized, or standard kegs – you can use them with the Koolatron Mini Beer Cooler.

Overall, this is one of the best keg coolers in terms of design, functionality and price. It’s manufactured by a reputable brand too, Koolatron!

Best Features:

    • Quiet
    • Effective Cooling
    • Low Energy

Igloo Countertop Dual-Keg Kegerator

This is definitely a keg cooler for the true beer fan, with a huge capacity supporting up to 10-Liters between two kegs, you’ll be stocked up! While this may be a more premium option, it is still an excellent price considering you can cool two kegs simultaneously. It sports a barometer on the digital display, allowing you to see and adjust the CO2 pressure to get the perfect amount of froth on your beer.

Overall, you’ll be highly impressed with this kegerator, however it is quite large compared to other home kegerators.

Unfortunately, you can’t use pressurized kegs with this keg cooler, which is a shame.

Best Features:

    • Dual Support
    • Digital Display
    • Barometer

Cheap Kegerator Not Necessarily Must Be A Poor Choice!

Cheap and Small Kegerator

In conclusion, while there are many keg coolers available – you need to find the one right for you. Some only support non-pressurized kegs, and this means you can’t use certain brands. So make sure to do your research before ordering!

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